The Little Big Cup

The Little Big Cup

Hi friends!! I hope everyone is doing well. I have been doing great. I must say, things have been crazy around my house. My family has faced some challenges, and combined with work, kids, Mardi Gras celebration and family, I have been super busy. However, things have been exciting as I have purchased a MacBook for myself to blog, AND my sweet, talented husband has built me a BEAUTIFUL desk to work on! We are waiting to have it distressed by a local artist, and after that I will post pictures. If you ever need a custom piece of furniture built, please contact me! My husband can make pretty much anything. He built the desk after I showed him a picture of a desk I wanted at Pottery Barn. Let’s just say, his version is much more budget friendly and looks even better (in my opinion).

Anyway…I am so excited about today’s post. In addition to sharing recipes with all of you, I want to share places I visit throughout our beautiful state! One of my Dad’s favorite things to do was travel throughout Louisiana, searching for “local treasures”. Any person, business, or place that offers an authentic Louisiana feel-good atmosphere can qualify as a local treasure! As a hospice marketer, I spend a lot of time on the road, and I have the privilege of encountering these places often. Our state is so full of hidden gems.
One spot I have been dying to try is the Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, LA. About 30 minutes from Lafayette, The Little Big Cup is a fairly new restaurant in Acadiana that has recently gotten nothing but rave reviews. My brother Jonathan, his wife Blair, and their sweet baby Olivia came to meet us. It was the perfect spot, as it was about half way for us coming from Abbeville, as well as halfway for them coming from Baton Rouge. And let me tell you, the drive was BEAUTIFUL! We passed through the charming town of Grand Coteau, and we were able to see the Academy of the Sacred Heart. What a beautiful school! So rich with tradition, this school is truly special. I really enjoyed riding by and was astonished to find they offer an equestrian program there! Education is, by far, what I value most in life. So, seeing the Academy was a treat.
The drive from Sacred Heart to the restaurant was scenic. Wide open spaces, blue skies, green fields, and beautiful weather made for a beautiful drive. On the way to the restaurant, we stopped at an incredible art gallery full of local art. Oyster shell paintings, rain sticks made of cypress, as well as books and other gorgeous tributes to our culture made for a truly special experience.
Once we arrived at the Little Big Cup, we instantly felt at home. The restaurant is beautiful, and the smiles that greeted us were warm. We sat at the bar and waited on our family to arrive. We were soon welcomed by our server, known as “Cricket”, who was so sweet! We ordered some mimosas and chatted with her. She was so sweet and she was all about serving us. Spacious and kid friendly, this was a great place for us to enjoy some adult beverages with 1 year old daughter, Shelby.
Once our family arrived, we were presented with menus. We were also given the option to help ourselves to the Boucherie Brunch Buffet. Naturally, all of us eagerly made our way to the buffet!
Y’all. OMG. This buffet. I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN!! There were cracklins, pork and sausage jambalaya, boudin, pork stew, stuffed pork roast, pork and beans, and bacon, to name a few. Basically, if there is a part of the pig, it was on the buffet, in addition to some lagniappe like corn maque choux, bread pudding, and all the other brunch essentials like biscuits, scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits with white gravy, and hash browns. Oh, and the kicker: the buffet was only $14.99! So reasonable and delicious.
All four of us fixed big, heaping plates of boucherie goodness. We enjoyed bites of jambalaya, biscuits, gravy, cracklins, boudin, and washed it down with mimosas. Lawd Jesus it was brunch heaven! Everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly.
When we were done eating, we went outside and relaxed on the deck, which overlooked the water, and made for a beautiful afternoon. We had more drinks, talked, and hung out for hours. Our sweet server, Cricket, checked on us all day and told us we were welcome to stay there as long as we liked. We sipped on cocktails, watched the girls play, felt the breeze, and listened to New Orleans jazz for hours. It felt like we were sitting on our own back porch, watching the day go by.
 It was so nice to find a place where we could meet halfway, eat a delicious meal, and enjoy each others’ company for as long as we wanted. We ended up staying there until about 5:00, and they were setting up for dinner which consisted of surf and turf as well as boiled crawfish! If we weren’t dealing with a tired, cranky 1 year old, I promise you we would have stayed for supper!
Having followed The Little Big Cup on Facebook for the last year or so, I had been dying to go there, and I must say it surpassed all my expectations! This local treasure really offered great food, great people, and great music. Mix that with the people you love most, and you are sure to find some soul in yo bowl!

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